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Senk Group Corporation

Koya Road, Erbil, Iraq
+964 750 472 9910
Senk Group Corporation
SENK GROUP CORPORATION was founded in 2000 in the city of Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Its initial activities were rooted mainly in infrastructure constructions such as roads and bridges but soon become one of the largest growing diverse and innovative businesses that have played a pivotal role in contributing to the development of the Iraq and Kurdistan Regions’ economy.

Today SENK GROUP CORPORATION’s activities are divided into four divisions:

Division I : Contracting
1. SENK Construction
2. SENK Prefab
3. SENK Life Service

Division II : Investment
1. SENK Education
2. SENK Real Estate
3. SENK Agriculture
4. SENK Engineering Bureau

Division III : Trading
1. SENK Heavy Equipment
2. SENK Agencies

A non-profit charity and development foundation fund by SENK GROUP which allocates 15% of its total profits. Programs that are funded range from education, health, social, youth, art and emergency relief.

Through all of these activities and more, we offer clients and partners complete trust and satisfaction. Our managerial programs are based on increased profitability, reliability and transparency to guarantee your success as well as our own.

With the spirits of creativity, cooperation and trust, we look forward to meeting all of your business requirements and achieving mutual progress toward long-term sustainable growth.
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